What is "gifted and Talented?"

The Hermon School Department's gifted and talented program is designed to meet the individual needs of all students who are identified as gifted and talented. "Gifted and Talented" is defined as a student who performs or shows potential for performing a remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to other students of his/her age, experience or environment. For more information about policies regarding the Hermon School Department's Gifted and Talented program, please click this link

HSD Gifted and Talented Mission Statement:

The Hermon School Department will foster the educational and social development of gifted children by providing a climate in which giftedness is recognized, understood, and accepted through a process that is equitable. 

HSD Philosophy:

Gifted students exhibit a wide variety of characteristics. Because of these characteristics, gifted and talented students need appropriate enrichment to ensure they are being challenged academically. The gifted curriculum emphasizes higher-order thinking, creative problem solving, originality, inter-disciplinary learning, and opportunities for self-evaluation and metacognitive assessment.

HSD Gifted and Talented Program Goals:

The Hermon School Department’s Gifted and Talented Program has three main objectives:

  1. To bring gifted children together to experience a variety of challenging activities and learning opportunities.
  2. To support teachers in the area of educating gifted students.
  3. To educate and support parents of gifted children.