1st Grade Links

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Week of June 1

Here's a game where...

Can you hide the rule and see if someone

else can guess it? Or, try to guess their rule!

Click below:

Who wants to miss out on fun times?

In this story, who should make different choices?

If you could talk to him, or write him a message, what would you say?

Do you know how to spell your first and last names? To log into your own account in Second grade, we use our names. Start practicing now, and you'll be all ready! Write it on paper, type it on a keyboard, trace it on your dog's back...if he lets you!

My dog, Otto

After you watch this video, tell someone at 

home what you know about the internet!

This is a really old computer, but when it was really new,

it had two new, special features. Can you guess what they were?

I'll tell you next week!

Watch this video:

Then try coding with arrows:

(change to a different mat to add to the fun)

Then think about this:

Some people think there should be laws for robots.

What do you think? What laws would you make for 

them to follow? Ask your family what they think!

Some people have strange or unusual pets.

Which of these animals would make a better pet?

What did you learn from the videos that helped you decide?


vs. Pygmy Goats:

After you watch this, ask a grownup how they use computers at work, 

at home, or to learn something new:

Don't forget to do something to earn a virtual Hawk Wing this week!

Seedball is Back! 

I was so excited to find it for you!

Click on the crazy Keyboard 

for more typing choices:

Hi First Grade Friends and Families! If you ever have any questions, you can email me at clare.caddell@schools.hermon.net


1.Daily Tumblebook ◊

2. Ocean Animals

from Enchanted Learning

3. Clifford's Make a Word (requires Flash)

4. Starfall ◊
Beginning reading activities

5. Red Panda Links

Where do Red Pandas Live?

a. Red Pandas in the Snow

b. Red Panda Babies

6. AAA Math
Loads of math activities!

7. ICT Games
Many primary math and reading activities

8. Australia
Learn about the animals, folklore and more!

9. Fact Hound
Want to find out more about your Reading Street topics? Click here and browse by subject!

10. Animal World Map
Choose a continent and find some of the animals that live there

11, Make Your Own Graph

12. Create A Graph

13. Tumblebooks

14. More Endangered Animals
From Enchanted Learning

15.Clifford Interactive Storybooks ◊

16. Children’s Storybooks Online ◊

17. Just Books Read Aloud ◊

18. Sheppard Software games

19. Readquarium

20. Storyline Online

21. Coconut Vowels ◊

Match the vowel combinations to the coconuts before they reach the beach

22. Alien Addition

23. Minus Mission

24. Verb Viper

Feed the right verb to the viper by clicking on his head

25. Have More Fun ◊

Phonics activities

26. Word Sort ◊

27. Spelling City◊

find your stories – find activities!

28. Ocean Animals

29. Habitats and Biomes

30. Clicky’s Videos from Netsmartz

31. Writing Spider

32. Common Words

33. Storyline Online

Animal Videos to Evaluate

34. a. Cubs Swim from Danger

b. Cubs Join the Pride

c. Cubs Meet Dad

d. King Lion

e. Horses

f. Guinea Pigs

g. Rabbits

h, Parrots

i. Pigs

j. Cats

k. Puppies

l. Dolphins

m. Cheetahs

n. Great White Sharks

35. The Cyber-Five

36. Elephants in the Circus

37. Elephants in the Wild
38. Room Recess Activities