Items We Collect

At Hermon Elementary and Hermon Middle Schools you can collect and turn in the following items to help raise money and get products for your child’s school(s). Please encourage relatives, friends, neighbors and anyone else who would be willing to collect for our schools. It is such an easy way to help raise money and earn amazing products.

Boxtops for Education

Each Box Tops is worth $0.10 for the school! Remember “Don’t toss it. Clip it!” Visit boxtops4education.com for participating products and more ways to help.

Hannaford Helps Schools

By purchasing participating products at Hannaford from September through early December, you’ll earn school dollars your school can use. Visit Hannaford.com to get a list of the brands that qualify.

CLYNK Bottle & Can Redemption

Tagged CLYNK bags are located in the HES lobby on the PTA bulletin board. Fill bags up with returnable bottles and cans, drop off at participating Hannaford stores and HES PTA will get the donations. Thank you!