Kindergarten Links for Learning at Home

Hi Kindergarten Friends and Grownup Friends, If you ever have any questions I can help with, send them to clare.caddell@schools.hermon.net

After you watch this video, tell someone at

home what you know about the internet!

Watch this video:

Then try some coding with arrows:

(change to a different mat to add to the fun)

Now think about this: 

Some people think there should be laws for robots!

What do you think? What laws would you make for 

robots to follow? What do other people in your family think?

After you watch the video, ask a grownup how they use computers at work, 

at home, or to learn something new:

Here are a some links your child might enjoy using from home. 


Starfall's activities for Kindergarteners                         

Practice finding letter keys on your keyboard ~

Some games are trickier than others ~ find the ones you like best ~

A page full of math resources, activities and games.

Learning games for Kindergarteners ~ and almost-First-Graders!

1. Daily Tumblebook ◊

2. Starfall

3. Robert Munsch Audio Books ◊

4. Tumblebooks

5. Storyline Online

6. Clifford's Storybooks

7. Vooks

8. Kinderweb

find letters, colors, shapes and more

9. Picture Match ◊ ◊
Beginning sounds, short and long vowel sounds

10. What’s In the Bag? ◊
Use the clues!

11. Make Your Own Bar Graph

13. Word Family Sort ◊◊

14. ABC Match ◊ ◊

18. Color Bar Chart

20. Room Recess Activities

21. Magnetic Numbers

22. Magnetic Letters

23. Writing Spider ◊

24. Common Words ◊

25. CODE games